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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Delegate Pollard 2003 and 2005

To Show that Delegate Pollard was influenced by Carry On Trailers
In the year 2003 He did not receive any money from Carry On Trailes.

I am still searching for 2005

Pollard for Delegate

Industry Overview:

Industry Amount
Auto Dealers $1,000
Miscellaneous Transportation $750
Private Highway Companies $500
Railroads $500
Trucking Companies $250
Auto Manufacturers $250

Carry On Trailers Delegate Wittman all list

Wittman for Delegate

Donor: Carry-on Trailer Inc
Lavonia, GA
Occupation: Miscellaneous Manufacturing

Amount Election Cycle Transaction Date Type
$2,500 2007 03/21/07 Cash
$2,500 2005 09/27/05 Cash

Carry On Trailes Delegate Wittman 2005

Wittman for Delegate

Donor: Carry-on Trailer Inc
Lavonia, GA
Occupation: Miscellaneous Manufacturing

Amount Transaction Date Type
$2,500 09/27/05 Cash

Carry On Trailes Delegate Wittman

Wittman for Delegate

Donor: Carry-on Trailer Inc
Lavonia, GA
Occupation: Miscellaneous Manufacturing

Amount Transaction Date Type
$2,500 03/21/07 Cash

Proof That Delegate Pollard Got Money

The Journal Press Inc. • P. O. Box 409 • King George • VA • 22485 • Phone: 540-775-2024 • Fax 540-775-4099 Serving King George County, Westmoreland County and the Town of Colonial Beach in Virginia

Pollard’s record on public safety becomes issue in campaign

Albert C. Pollard, the Democratic candidate for the senate seat for the 28th District, has come under scrutiny for past and present legislative programs that Republican opponent Richard Stuart and others claim would endanger public safety.

Pollard is also taking heat from transportation safety advocates who opposed his draft legislation to exempt mesh trailers under three thousand pounds from state inspection. Traditionally, Virginia legislation required that trailers weighing less than 3,000 pounds have either two or more reflectors of an approved type, or at least 100 square inches of reflective material, to outline the rear end of the trailer. In 2005, Pollard patroned legislation which would have redefined a utility trailer so as to exempt it entirely from the requirements of approved reflectors or reflectorized material to outline the trailer. Pollard’s bill (HB4290) defined a utility trailer as a device “whose body and tailgate consist largely or exclusively of mesh and whose end extends 18 inches or more beyond its tail lights.”

In 2005, the year of Pollard’s bill to reduce regulation of utility trailers, he received more than $3,200 in campaign money from Richmond and national lobbyists for transportation interests, including independent auto dealers and trucking interests, according to records maintained by the Virginia Public Access Project ( Public safety crusader Ron Melancon, who successfully lobbied to remove Pollard’s definition of a utility trailer from the final bill, accuses Pollard of acting at the behest of the trucking and transportation industry to the detriment of public safety.

In an interview this week, Melancon noted that under Pollard’s attempted legal change, anyone could build a trailer under 3,000 pounds without any inspection requirement or trailer-outlining reflection. Campaigning on behalf of public-safety interests in 2005, Melancon convinced senators that under Pollard’s bill, one could have a mile-long trailer with only a single set of tail lights positioned 18 inches from the bumper. Melancon keeps a registry of all of the accidents involving defective utility trailers at, and his registry now includes the recent Bay Bridge accident that claimed three lives this spring. In 2005, the State Senate’s focus on examples of the evident danger doomed Pollard’s attempt to relax safety standards.

My Letter To Governor O'Mally

Dear Concerned:

As you read this ask yourself why did CARRY ON TRAILERS give Delegate Wittman
$2,500 in 2006 and $2,500 in 2007? Why do they pay off a Delegate as not to
introduce more legislation with respects to these Utility Trailers?
Why did Delegate Pollard get over $3,000 in 2005 to destroy the Reflector tape law?

Why, we all know why its for profit the problem is nobody wants to do anything until
something happens to their family. Even MANUFACTURED TRAILERS are sold
in Virginia in Violation of State Code and nobody trains anybody how to hook up chains
and pin's. Again its companies like CARRY ON TRAILERS that have a BIG sign in
front of their plant in Callo VA supporting Mr. Pollard for Senate that is FUNDAMENTALLY

If I was Delegate Wittman I would return the money to Carry On but I am only wishing. Maybe he will when somebody gets hurt from these UNREGULATED trailers that he knows.